The Roman Tribunal is a district of the Order of Hermes comprised of the Italian peninsula, the historic districts of Lombardy and Verona, the islands of Sicily, Corsica and Sardinia, and parts of North Africa. It is a historic area rich in politics and intrigue Hermetic, ecclesiastical and mundane, but weak in magical resources. The Dominion is very strong here, but so too is the Infernal.

Despite this, there are many Covenants in the region.

Covenants of the Roman TribunalEdit

Notable Mundane rulersEdit

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  • Pietro Ziani was the Doge of Venice from 1205-1229. He took part in the 4th Crusade and the sacking of Constantinople the year before he became Doge. As Doge, he organized Venetian acquisition of portions of the Latin Empire of Constantinople, including Crete and Corfu.
  • Enrico Dandolo was Pietro Ziani's predecessor. Although he died in 1205, he took a large part in directing the 4th Crusade and thus his actions are still felt in Europe, and, among magi, especially in House Jerbiton.


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