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Historical Events[]

  • November 13: St. Brice's Day Massacre: English king Ethelred the Unready orders all Danes in England killed.
  • Ethelred the Unready marries Emma of Normandy, daughter of Richard the Fearless, Duke of Normandy.
  • Brian Boru, King of Leinster and Munster, becomes High King of Ireland, breaking the Uí Néill monopoly on the title.
  • Henry II succeeds Otto III as king of Germany.
  • With a new group of colonists, an epidemic hits the Viking colony in Greenland.
  • Danegeld is paid by Ethelred the Unready to prevent Viking raids against England.
  • War breaks out between Byzantine Emperor Basil II and Bulgarian tsar Samuil.

Hermetic Events[]


  • June 21: Pope Leo IX


  • January 23: Otto III, Holy Roman Emperor
  • August 8: Al-Mansur, chief minister of the Umayyad caliphate of Cordoba, Spain
  • October 15: Otto-Henry, Duke of Burgundy