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Historical Events[]

  • April 19: Archbishop Alphege of Canterbury is murdered by his Danish captors.
  • May 18: Pope Benedict VIII succeeds Pope Sergius IV as the 143rd pope.
  • Mael Morda starts a rebellion against Brian Boru in Ireland, which eventually ends in 1014 at the Battle of Clontarf.
  • King Máel Coluim mac Cináeda of Alba reputedly defeats a Danish army at Cruden Bay in Buchan.
  • Sulayman is restored as Umayyad caliph of Cordoba, succeeding Hisham II.
  • King Ethelred of England pays Danegeld to Viking raiders.
  • Oldrich succeeds Jaromir as Duke of Bohemia.
  • Regional Tribunals in the Order of Hermes.
  • Gregory VI becomes antipope.

Hermetic Events[]


  • Pope Benedict IX


  • April 19: Alphege, Archbishop of Canterbury
  • May 12: Pope Sergius IV
  • Otto, Duke of Lower Lorraine

Ongoing Events[]