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Historical Events[]

  • Harthacanute succeeds Canute the Great in Denmark, ruling as Canute III but is unable to consolidate his holdings in England.
  • Harald Harefoot claims the throne of England until his death in 1040, at which point Canute III reunites the two crowns of Denmark and England.
  • Magnus I becomes king of Norway.
  • William II (the future William I of England) becomes duke of Normandy.

Hermetic Events[]


  • July 3: Robert II, Duke of Normandy (at Bythinian Nicaea while on pilgrimage)
  • October 18: Sancho III of Navarre
  • November 4: Jaromír, duke of Bohemia
  • November 12: Canute the Great, king of England, of Denmark, of Norway, some of Sweden, and the territories near the legendary Jomsviking stronghold Jomsburg