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Historical Events[]

  • May 23: Battle of Dandanaqan: Seljuk Turks defeat the Ghaznavids.
  • June 17: Harthacanute lands at Sandwich and reclaims the English Throne.
  • August 15: King Duncan I is killed in battle against his first cousin and rival Macbeth, who succeeds him as King of Scotland.
  • A brewery is founded at Weihenstephan.

Hermetic Events[]


  • February 22: Rashi, French rabbi and commentator (d. 1105)
  • June 27: King Ladislaus I of Hungary
  • Al-Bakri, Spanish Muslim geographer


  • March 17: Harald Harefoot, King of England
  • August 15: King Duncan I of Scotland
  • October 1: Alan III, Duke of Brittany
  • Guido d'Arezzo, Italian music teacher
  • Hugh, Count of Suio