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Historical Events[]

  • William I of England invades Scotland, and also receives the submission of Hereward the Wake.
  • Osbern FitzOsbern becomes Bishop of Exeter.
  • January 10 — The Normans conquer Palermo in Sicily.
  • May 27 — The Accord of Winchester establishes the primacy of the Archbishop of Canterbury over the Archbishop of York in the Church of England.
  • Dunfermline Abbey is founded - later to become the burial place of several Kings of Scots, including Robert the Bruce. The associated royal palace will be the birth place of King Charles I.
  • Alfonso VI becomes king of Leon and Castile following the assassination of his brother Sancho.

Hermetic Events[]

  • Special Iberian Tribunal of 1072: At Val-Negra, the Iberian Tribunal debates the presence of Barcelona covenant in the city of Barcelona. After many hours an agreement was reached for the Magi of Barcelona covenant to have Hermetic jurisdiction over the city and serve the interests of the Order in it, and for external magi to obey conventions of subtlety while visiting. The Barcelona covenant had been situated there for 58 years by the time this issue came up. The issue was probably spurred by inter-covenant rivalry.
  • The Tremere hold their Decennial Council at Coeris in the Transylvanian Tribunal.


  • Agnes of Germany, daughter of Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor and Bertha of Savoy (d. 1143)
  • Tancred, Prince of Galilee, Norman leader of the First Crusade (d. 1112)


  • March 16 — Adalbert of Hamburg, German archbishop
  • November 24 - King Bagrat IV of Georgia (b. 1018)
  • Stigand, Archbishop of Canterbury