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Historical Events[]

  • Bernard becomes Bishop of Brandenburg.
  • In Ireland, the Diocese of Waterford is erected.
  • The first documented teaching at the University of Oxford occurs.
  • In England, Norwich School is founded as an episcopal Grammar School.
  • The People's Crusade, the German Crusade, and the First Crusade begin.
  • Vital I Michele becomes Doge of Venice.
  • Peter I, King of Aragon, conquers Huesca.
  • The University of Salerno is founded.
  • Late April: A large band of Crusaders approaches Speyer and murders 11 Jews.

Hermetic Events[]


  • Hugh of St. Victor, scholar
  • King Stephen of England


  • Eudocia Macrembolitissa, empress of Byzantine Emperor Constantine X
  • William of St. Carilef, Bishop of Durham and chief counsellor of William II of England
  • Walter the Penniless a leader of the First Crusade