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Historical Events[]

  • The Byzantine Empire recaptures Crete from Muslim control.
  • Battle of Fitje: Haakon I of Norway squashes the rebelling forces of Eric Bloodaxe's sons, but is killed.
  • Harald II of Norway becomes ruler of the western part of Norway.
  • St Paul's Cathedral in London is destroyed by fire.

Hermetic Events[]

  • A special Tribunal is called and the Prima of House Tytalus, two other leaders of the house, and several members of Tytalus are tried, convicted, and executed for Diabolism. House Tytalus is severely reduced in numbers. The diabolists also drag down many members of other Houses, having corrupted them.


  • Edith of Wilton
  • Sigmundur Brestisson, chieftain in the Faroe Islands


  • King Haakon I of Norway
  • Abd-ar-rahman III, Caliph of Córdoba
  • Tasgillia, the Primus of House Tytalus