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This is a world ruled by superstition, faith and mystery. Magic is real and its practitioners are powerful. It is a time before the Age of Reason when the fair folk were a real threat and disease was caused by wicked spirits or an imbalance of the body's humours. It is the world of myth, legend and fantasy, but also of history and revelation.

There is a lot of source material that will be referenced through out the wiki, but all articles assume some familiarity with the Ars Magica Fifth Edition Core Rulebook.

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Order of Hermes

The Order of Hermes is an organization of Magi that spans Mythic Europe and beyond. It is made up (in 1220) of roughly 1200 members, who reside in thirteen Tribunals dividing up the continent along roughly geopolitical lines. The Order was created so that Magi could coexist mostly in peace, with one consistent theory of magic allowing them to share information and learning in a common frame of reference. The Order also offered Magi protection from each other with the discovery of the Parma Magica, a defense against hostile magic, with which they could meet to share information without the ever present paranoia that had sabotaged previous attempts to unite gifted individuals.

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