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Creo Terram 50

R: Touch D: Momentary T: Individual.


Creates a 60 foot wide, 5-story hexagonal building and six 30 foot wide, 3 story buildings surrounding it in a hexagonal pattern, the whole surrounded by an 8-foot stone wall. All the structures are laid out in a perfect geometic pattern. The space inside the central building is arranged with specific uses in mind, with a hexagonal stone meeting table in the center of the ground floor room and stone bookshevles in the sub-ground level. Each floor in every building has appropriate space for hearth and chimney.

The buildings surrounding the central hub have no direct access to the outside; the only door in in the central building, with subterranean tunnels connecting it to the sub-ground floors in the outer ring of structures. The whole is made from polished green marble.

This spell was designed by Lapideus of Ex Miscellanea.