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Castus Candentis
Born: 1128
Died: 1194
House: Guernicus
Nationality: Italian
Current or last covenant: Insula Sagittarius
Apprenticeship: 1133 - 1148
Gauntlet: 1148
Filiae vel Fili: none or unknown
Member of: Quaesitoris

Castus Candentis was a member of the covenant Insula Sagittarius in the Normandy Tribunal. A strict follower and enforcer of the Hermetic Code, it was Castus' goal to become an Archmage and enforce the rules that govern the Order of Hermes. Castus was particularly interested in the form of Ignem.

Castus is perhaps best known for bringing charges against a member of his own covenant, Cynicus Augustus in the year 1163. Cynicus was acquitted of the most serious charges and escaped with only a minor reprimand. It is also said that Castus was at one time afflicted with Lycanthropy, and although he was able to overcome the ailment, it eventually led to his downfall.

Castus was later murdered by a member of his own house, a corrupt Quaesitor named Hadrimon.