A black whisker, almost a span in length, is found clinging to the clothing of one of the Magi of the covenant. Upon investigation, it will be found that whisker contains a pawn of Intellego vis. If the Magus retraces his steps, the cat from which it came from might itself be found. It may be that the Magus encountered the seemingly-innocuous feline during his travels, or that a feral cat now inhabits the covenant grounds.

The cat itself is rarely seen and has six toes. It was once the "familiar" of a local witch, now long-dead. A curse wrought by the witch’s will might afflict those who would seek to kill the cat and harvest it for vis, or who would capture and confine it for other purposes. The cat, while not intelligent in the same manner as a man, is quite cunning and has the skills to elude all but the most determined pursuers. Local mundanes or covenfolk may be aware of the legends of the dead witch and her malevolent cat, and will seek to warn Magi to whom they are friendly against attempting to seek it out.

If the witch was truly in league with the dark powers, the cat may be evil and the vis in its whiskers tainted with Infernal influence. Or it may in fact be a demon bound into the form of a cat.