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Chalybus Gnarus is a Verditius Magus who was gauntleted in Winter of 1033. Eager for a fresh start, he departed the covenant of Confluensus in the Normandy Tribunal, at which he was trained by the senior Verditius Magus Aristaeus Exostrus, and traveled to Stonehenge for the Tribunal of 1033, where he became a founding member of the Covenant of Crom Gleann, located in Wales. His Hermetic name means cunning steel in Latin.

Chalybus is of noble blood, born Róbert Etienne Beaumoire de l'Eaux, second son of Guy de Evreux, Earl of Ruda. Despite this, he is known for his Gentle Gift and typical affability. His goals are to achieve his knighthood, and to learn the Verditius Mysteries Items of Quality and Verditius Elder Runes by joining the Confraternity of Roland if neccessary, to which latter end he has conversed with the Elder Verditius Vexatorus, possessor of Durendal and recently Wizards' Marched by the decision of the Stonehenge Tribunal. He also wishes to be considered a hoplite.

Magically, Chalybus is a generalist, prefering a broad approach to mastering the arts. Despite this, he is strongest in Creo and Corpus, and likely to remain so, focusing on magics that augment or complement his fighting abilities.

Spells Devised by Chalybus[]

Magical Devices Created by Chalybus[]

  • The Belt of Martial Puissance
  • The Girdle of the Champion, his Talisman
  • The Knife of Severing the Essences
  • The Ring of the Persistent Warrior
  • The Ring of the Ghostly Pusuer