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Creo Terram 30

R: Touch D: Momentary T: Individual.


A handsome stone longhouse, 20 feet by 35 feet, springs forth from the earth itself. Chalybus' version of this spell has a small (10'x20', 200 sq. ft.) front room and a larger back room (25'x20', 500 sq. ft.) with a fireplace intended for use as a laboratory, as well as a small covered porch. A narrow stone ledge runs along the exterior, and there are arrow loops in the front room, which double as windows. The roof is gently pitched slate, supported by slender stone arches, about 8 feet from the floor. There is some storage space in the stone rafters.

This spell was designed as a simpler and less intrusive alternative to Conjuring the Wizard's Tower by Chalybus Gnarus of Verditius.