Ars Magica Wiki

The purpose of the Ars Magica Wikia is to provide a common resource for players and Storyguides, to make creating Ars Magica sagas easier and to illustrate the game's limitless possibilities. If you would like to contribute, we'd love to include your contribution!

Contributors should, however, bear in mind the following when considering contributions:

  • Ars Magica is the intellectual property of Atlas Games/Trident Inc, and contributors need to respect that. In particular, pasting information wholesale from the Ars Magica books is explicitly not permitted. The purpose of this wiki is to provide information that's not in the books, so tread very lightly on any subject that's covered in detail in an official publication. One example would be articles on canonical Covenants; it's okay to create a page for a Covenant that's mentioned in the books, but if you do, give only the most basic information and point the reader to that book for more detailed information. The staff of the wiki will be very vigilant about this.
  • Think about what you need to set up an Ars Magica saga. That is the kind of material we are looking for. See below for a specific list.
  • All material on the Ars Magica Wiki is written under the assumption that the fifth edition rules are being used, although much can be used for any version of the game, or indeed any fantasy RPG. If you post material for use with an older edition of the Ars Magica rules, please flag it appropriately.
  • We welcome historical background. Under the Wikipedia license, it is acceptable to copy some information from Wikipedia; however, it is imperative that you understand and abide by Wikipedia's terms of use before doing so. Please revise this kind of material to be in keeping with the tone of this wiki; in particular, limit yourself to the Hermetic Era; very roughly 800 AD to 1400 AD. Information from before this period should be regarded as 'deep background' and get very brief coverage; material from after this period should be ruthlessly cut.
  • It is our position that many groups running Ars Magica sagas run them at times other than the game's default assumption of 1220 AD. Please keep historical materials as date-neutral as possible, within the Hermetic Period; do not assume that the information in the Wikia is going to be used in 1220.
  • We (the admins of the wiki,) are hosting our saga on these pages. We'd love it if other groups would do likewise. Our saga's page is here; feel free to use that layout and/or format if you want, but don't feel compelled to do so.

Here is the list of specific things we would like to see lots of on the wiki. Again, feel free to post other kinds of stuff, but this is what we are specifically looking for:

  • Original spells.
  • Books both Hermetic and historical.
  • Original enchanted devices.
  • Vis sources both conventional and weird, well-harvested and undiscovered.
  • New Virtues and Flaws.
  • Pregenerated grogs and covenfolk.
  • Hermetic characters; e. g. Magi, for use as NPCs.
  • Original covenants, in as much detail as you'd like to provide, usable as PC Covenants or otherwise.
  • Optional or house rules, or rules expansions and subsystems.
  • Story and plot hooks.
  • New mystery traditions, or full elaborations on mysteries mentioned but not detailed in official publications (e. g. House Diedne).
  • Non-Hermetic traditions suitable for use as allies or adversaries, or even as hedge traditions within House Ex Miscellanea.

If you have a question about what is or is not appropriate for inclusion here, use this article's Discussion page to ask. Cereth and Praetorius are the admins of the site and can get you a definitive answer.