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A Covenant is a gathering of Magi, typically in a place of magical power. A Covenant usually includes several Magi, some especially skilled or trusted persons called Companions, and guardians and servants, covenfolk, the most trusted, valuable or skilled of which are called called Grogs.

The term Covenant is the common one used in the Order of Hermes; marginally Hermetic and non-Hermetic organizations may or may not have equivalents.

Individual Covenants vary widely; some have as few as a single Magus, while others may have practitioners numbering in the dozens. Some reside in a particular location, while others are intinerant. Across Mythic Europe they inhabit all manner of structures; a ship, manor house, castle, underground warren or ancient ruin. Or they may be housed in a collection of buildings rather than a single large structure. Many, but not all, Covenants have Magi in residence from multiple Houses. Typicially, Covenants can be found where the old magical powers are still strong, meaning places where the dominion, and thus the mundane population, has a limited presence.

Each Hermetic House has a Covenant which represents in some sense the center of activity or governance of that house. Such a Covenant is called the "Domus Magna" of that House. With one notable and recent exception in House Verditius, this is the covenant of the primus of the house.

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