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The Creo technique is used by a magus to produce something from nothing, and to make things into better versions of their own kind. As such, Creo magic can both create and heal things. It can turn dreams into reality.

Limits of Creo Magic[]

Natural things, such as plants, animals, and flames, are easier to create and heal. Natural things have simple forms and when they are created by magic they are flawless examples of their kind unless the magus wants them to be imperfect. Artificial things, such as books or swords are more complex and are harder to create using Creo magic. They are made up of several natural things that are put together in a certain way to make the item what it is. Making an artificial thing requires a certain amount of skill and finesse on the part of the caster, which in turn determines the quality of the item. Any magus could create a simple sword, but without a certain amount of finesse the sword would turn out dull and fragile.

Magically created things last for the duration of the spell, but their effects last indefinitely. As such, a magical fireball may only last for an instant, but the damage dealt by it will remain. In order to create anything permanent using Creo magic, the spell must be a ritual spell, requiring the use of raw vis of a suitable kind.

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