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Damhan-Allaidh (sometimes Damhain-Allaidh, pronounced DAH-van ALL-ath) is a Gaelic name meaning "Spider." Damhain-Allaidh was a powerful, evil wizard who was an enemy of the Order of Hermes early in the ninth century. His name is sometimes Latinized to Davanallus or Dav'nalleous.

War Against the Order of Hermes[]

Damhan-Allaidh was an active opponent of the Order of Hermes who organized other wizards to violently resist its expansion. His "war" was mainly clandestine. At the time, the Order of Hermes had no presence in the British Isles, which were home to a variety of hedge wizards.

Damhan-Allaidh's allies included Anglo-Saxon rune wizards and monstrous shapechangers, the gruagachan

The Order of Hermes sent Pralix to root out and destroy Damhan-Allaidh and his allies. In the process, Pralix forged an alliance of British wizards from several different traditions, including the Columbae and the Damhadh-duidsan. (This alliance went on to become the Ordo Miscellanea.)

The details of the war are primarily given in Chapter 4 of Houses of Hermes: Societates.

Final Fate[]

As is not uncommon with powerful enemies of the Order, Damhan-Allaid's fate is not certain. Most magi think he was slain in the decisive battle of Pralix's war, but there are some who think he escaped. It is rumored that one day he or his descendants will return to take his vengeance. An example of this appears in both Land of Fire and Ice & Thrice-Told Tales.

Damhan-Allaidh's Magic[]

Details of Damhan-Allaidh's magic are scarce. He is described in the ArM5 core book as a "powerful and evil wizard". It is widely believed in the Order that he was a diabolist but this is not confirmed in Fifth Edition. Further details in a later supplement elaborate by stating that he is trained in at least four hedge traditions including versions of Elementalists, Gruagachan, Vitkir and Canaanite Necromancy

The Damhadh-duidsan tradition in House Ex Miscellanea may provide some insight into Damhan-Allaidh's magic, as they are descended from the same Gaelic tradition as Damhan-Allaidh. Their magic uses runes and incorporates the Unholy Method of Incantation.