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Danae of Jerbiton
Some Beautiful Fantasy Art 1 4
Born: 1194
Died: N/A
House: Jerbiton
Nationality: Greek
Current or last covenant: Aedis Cinerium
Parens: TBD
Apprenticeship: 1199 - 1215
Gauntlet: 1215
Filiae vel Fili: none or unknown
Member of: nothing of note

Danea was discovered at the early age of 5 by (TBD) of House Jerbiton. She was brought to Constantinople and started her apprenticeship in 1199. April 12, 1204 Constantinople was besieged, forcing Danae and many other Jerbiton to escape and relocate. The rest of her apprenticeship was spent in Greece.

Danae has always been fascinated with beauty natural and created and has a unique gift for creating art with magic. With the fall of Constantinople, Danae is haunted by what was lost and endeavors to create ways to meld art and magic. Her specialty is Terram.

Danae currently travels to Aedis Cinerium within the Roman Tribunal and looks forward to the challenge of establishing a new covenant with her fellow sodales.

Spells Devised by Danae[]

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Magical Devices Created by Danae[]

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