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Draco Nigerius
Born: 23 July, 1108
Died: ,
House: Bjornaer
Nationality: Slavic
Current or last covenant: Ynglinghal
Parens: Athanasius Lukovich
Apprenticeship: 1113 - 1128
Gauntlet: 1128
Filius: Pyotr Tarasov of Bjornaer
Member of: Clan Ilfetu

Draco Nigerius is a magus of House Bjornaer from the Novgorod Tribunal. A member of the covenant of Ynglinghal, Draco reluctantly took on the tital of Demolov in 1149. Demolov was an honorific title arising from an ancient pact between the covenant and a number of nearby communities of mundanes. Despite some advantages, the title came with a responsibility to protect and aid these settlements, which Draco sometimes begrudgingly fullfilled.

From the time he passed the Gauntlet, Draco was obsessed with the inner mysteries of his house and pursued these with a voracious appetite. His outer heartbeast was that of an eagle, and at a relatively young age he unlocked the mystery of his inner heartbeast. Taking the path of the Chimera Draco chose as his inner heartbeast the form of a black dragon, combining the aspects of the eagle and a serpent.

Draco became known as a Master of Auram and Animal magic and for his great understanding of magical theory. He also had a reputation for being reclusive and avaricious, flaws which became more pronounced after unlocking his inner heartbeast. He had a great tendancy for hoarding magical items and vis.

In 1176 Draco took an apprentice, who would go on to become Pyotr Tarasov of Bjornaer. In 1218 Draco went into final twilight and became a Beast of Legend, taking the form of an immense black dragon. It is rumored that he haunts the eastern Carpathian Mountains, where he dwells, perhaps, in a cave there, still clinging to his precious hoard.

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