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Dulcis Fons (Covenant of the Sweet Spring)



The Covenant of Dulcis Fons was founded in 850 by a group of independent magi from the city of Venice. As Venice developed the covenant strengthened, mainly due to the strong Jerbiton represenation. The covenant was at its peak from 952 to 1124.

The death of the Primus in 1153 and subsequent internal power struggles weakened the covenant. Political conflict with Luctatio and others and a struggle for resources resulted in the death of the covenant's remaining Jerbiton magi in 1178.

With the loss of the strong mundane ties that had supported the covenant, and the lack of a strong leadership presence, the remaining magi retreated into their sancta and the numbers of covenfolk declined.

The last contact with the covenant was at the Tribunal of 1179 when Aurelius of Bonisagus accused Mario of Luctatio of slaying Fedele Conti of Jerbiton without declaring Wizard's War. Aurelius was unable to generate enough support from members of the tribunal to force a vote and the matter was dropped. Aurelius left the Tribunal early.

In 1182, Frederick of Mercere reported that he was unable to locate the covenant. At the next tribunal, no representative from Dulcis Fons attended.

It was assumed that the remaining magi of Dulcis Fons had been killed or passed into final twilight. Luctatio put forward a motion that the covenant of Dulcis Fons be declared broken and their resources distributed. In the absence of supporting evidence, the motion was not passed.




Original Charter[]


The Covenant of Dulcis Fons is dedicated to the enhancement of hermetic knowledge and the search for the Enigma. The covenant encourages all members to further good relations with mundane society. This covenant will work on the recovery of lost knowledge and the research of new knowledge, to make both available to the Order.


  • This covenant shall be governed in all matters by the Council of Magi.
  • The Council of Magi shall consist of all magi who are full members in good standing of the covenant
  • A council meeting will be held on the winter solstice.
  • Motions will be carried by simple majority. In the case of deadlock, the motion is defeated.


  • All members of the council shall be full magi of the Order of Hermes. If ever a member is cast out of the Order, this member shall automatically be cast out from this covenant and council, losing all rights and privileges of a member, and forfeiting all his or her possessions to Dulcis Fons.
  • Each Magus applicant must donate 5 pawns and perform 1 season of covenant service before becoming a member.
  • All magi of the Covenant are equal, and will be granted equal rights and distributed equal duties.
  • Each member must perform one season's worth of covenant work every two years. If a member fails to honour this service, they lose voting power and access to other resources until such time that the work or equivalent compensation has been provided.

Use of Resources[]

  • Members shall be allowed to use the covenant's mundane resources, including grogs, if doing so does not jeopardise the safety of the covenant. The requisition of such resources shall be discussed with the Council, unless an emergency arises. Wasteful use of the covenant's resources shall not be sanctioned by the Council.
  • The Library
    • Members shall have free access to the library. A record will be kept of all books possessed by the covenant. The selling of books, or of copies of a book within the library, must be pre-approved by the Council.
    • Books brought to the covenant from an outside source under the solitary exertions of a magus, remain the property of that magus. If put in the library they are accessible to any member of the covenant, but the owner reserves the right to use the book at any time.
  • Vis
    • All vis obtained from the covenant's vis sources, and during expeditions funded by the covenant, shall be the property of the covenant.
    • Members can petition the Council to withdraw vis for their personal use.
    • All vis obtained by a magus of the covenant under the solitary exertions of said magus, remains the property of that magus.


New Charter[]


Allies and Enemies[]