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The library of Dulcis Fons has suffered greatly from neglect, culminating in a flood in 1203 that submerged the lower levels of the covenant, destroying most of the books and spells stored in the library. The surviving tomes are those rescued by the covenfolk, or held in the sancta of the remaining magi. At the commencement of the saga, the remaining texts are stored in a large chest in a converted morning room on the first floor of the covenant.

Magical Books[]

Title: Language Type Subject Level Quality Author Notes
The Inquisatorial Eye Latin Summa Intelligo 19 16(13) Durant of Criamon Uterine Vellum, Well Bound, Well Coloured
Primo Auram Latin Libri Questionum Auram 0 12 Aurelius of Bonisagus
Secundus Auram Latin Libri Questionum Auram 3 12 Aurelius of Bonisagus
Tertius Auram Latin Libri Questionum Auram 6 12 Aurelius of Bonisagus
On the Nature of Vim Latin Libri Questionum Vim 0 9 Unknown
-- Latin Libri Questionum Corpus 16 16 Unknown Title page missing
Seven League Stride Latin Tractatus Corpus N/A 11(9) Vito Dominae of Tremere Well Bound, Well Coloured
Beneath The Waves Latin Summa Aquam 17 15(13) Durant of Criamon Well Bound, Well Coloured
Combust the Incombustable Latin Summa Ignem 7 9 Galena of Flambeau
Substantiation Latin Summa Creo 8 8(7) Romulus of Verditius
Enchantment of Detachment Latin Tractatus Mentem N/A 7 Yannis of Ex Miscellanea
Edge of the Razor Latin Tractatus Muto N/A 7 Fedele Conti of Jerbiton
Lamp Without Flame Latin Tractatus Creo N/A 6 Este Russo of Jerbiton


Mundane Books[]

Title: Language Type Subject Level Quality Author Notes
Patterns in Hermetic Theory Latin Summa Magic Theory 8 3(5) Elysia of Bonisagus Water Damage
φάρμακο Greek Summa Medicine 5 12 Nicodemus
On the Nature of Worship Latin Summa Theology 14 15(12) Gunther Wurden Well Bound, Well Illuminated, Well Coloured
Notes on Talisman Creation Latin Tractatus Magic Theory N/A 7 Aurelius of Bonisagus



Name: Level Form Technique Notes
Aegis of the Hearth 30 Rego Vim Ritual
The Visit Forgotten 40 Perdo Mentem Ritual
Visitor Turned Away 35 Rego Mentem Ritual
Enchantment of Detachment 15 Muto Mentem
The House Unseen 40 Perdo Imaginem Ritual
Free the Striding Tree 30 Rego Herbam
Calling the Council of the Trees 45 Intelligo Herbam
Converse with Plant and Tree 25 Intelligo Herbam
Bridge of Wood 30 Creo Herbam
Seven League Stride 35 Rego Corpus
The Leap of Homecoming 35 Rego Corpus
Grip of the Choking Hand 15 Perdo Corpus