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Ēadwine also Edwin (died 1071) was the elder brother of Morcar, Earl of Northumbria, son of Ælfgār, Earl of Mercia and grandson of Leofric of Mercia. He succeeded to his father's title and responsibilities on Ælfgār's death in 1062. He appears as Earl Edwin (Eduin comes) in the Domesday Book.

His younger brother, Morcar was elected Earl of Northumbria when Tostig Godwinson was ejected by the Northumbrians (October 3, 1065). In 1066 Tostig raided in Mercia but was repulsed by Edwin and Morcar and fled to Scotland. Later in the year he returned, accompanied by King Harald Hardrada of [[Norway at the head of a huge Norwegian army, which defeated Edwin and Morcar at the Battle of Fulford near York (September 20). Harald and Tostig were in turn defeated and slain by Harold Godwinson's army, five days later at the Battle of Stamford Bridge (September 25). After Harold's death at the Battle of Hastings, Edwin and Morcar were the principal supporters of a new regime under Edgar the Aetheling, but failed to take effective steps against the invading Normans and soon submitted to Duke William.

In 1068, Edwin and Morcar attempted to raise a rebellion in Mercia but swiftly submitted when William moved against them. In 1071 they again sought to rebel but Edwin was soon betrayed to the Normans by his own retinue and killed.

Edwin's sister, Ealdgyth (Edith), had been married to Harold Godwinson until the latter's death at Hastings on October 14, 1066.

Edwin's lands centerd at Gilling in his brother's Northumbrian earldom, were given to Alan of Brittany in 1071 and the district was renamed Richmondshire.