In a swampy moor there live any number of nasty, biting insects which apparently serve no purpose except to annoy travelers. The area is typically avoided by honest folk and for the same reason is something of a haven for outlaws, criminals and bandits who hide there from the local sheriff. The moor is said by some to be haunted by the spirits of those cutthroats who have met their end within, and their ghosts can occasionally be seen as brief, flickering lights out on the moor. Some say that their ethereal voices beckon travelers to join them, and they often do, for the moor is dangerous ground, with many pitfalls and some areas of quicksand. It may be that the outlaws who dwell here encourage such tales, to keep superstitious folk away from their lairs.

Magi who carefully investigate the area will find that the flickering lights on the moor are in fact a unique breed of fireflies, whose glow is an eerie blue. Each such strange firefly contains a pawn of Auram vis, but there are but a few of these insects in the air on any given summer night. They live only for about a week, but their remains still contain vis after death.