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An ancient, worn idol half again as tall as a man stands in a small forest glade, a remnant of pagan times, when the people worshipped many gods. The old god represented by the idol was hermaphroditic, and over the course of a cycle lasting many years, the visage of the statue gradually changes, shifting from male features to female, and back again.

At times, a silvery liquid is found in the bowl held in the statue’s left hand. This liquid is quite heavy, and displaces other liquids such as rainwater, and is therefore easy to harvest. The bowl produces 2 pawns of Muto vis each year.

If someone enters the glade with her head bowed in supplication, and does not raise her eyes to meet the statue, a gift may be lain at the idol’s feet. In this case the person has actually entered a small regio, but the spell will be broken if the supplicant rasises her head, and she will be knocked out to the mundane realm.

If this is done at midnight on the Vernal equinox, on the night of the next full moon the idol’s bowl will contain seven silver orbs each containing a pawn of Vim vis.