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The Girdle of the Champion is the Talisman of Chalybus Gnarus. First prepared for enchantment in the Winter of 1049, it is an arming belt of overlapping plates, alternating in steel and brozne, with a clasp of brass. Each plate is edged in a braid of gold, silver and copper wire, and inlaid in a chequy (checkerboard) pattern of black (jet) and white (human bone.)

Instilled Abilities[]

  • Leap of Seven Leagues: Allows Chalybus to travel instantaneously to any location he can see or to which he has an Arcane Connection, to the limit of seven leagues. A Finesse+INT roll of 9+ is required to determine exact placements and orientation. This is similar to the spell Seven League Stride. ReCo35, Range: Touch, Duration: Momentary, Target: Individual. The effect can be used 24 times per day. Embedded in the item in Spring of 1050.

Planned Abilities[]

  • Endurance of the Champion: Allows Chalybus to ignore the detrimental penalties of wounds and fatigue, although he will feel their effects once the duration expires. ReCo25, Range: Touch, Duration: Concentration, Target: Individual. The effect maintains concentration, and can be used 24 times per day.

Instilled Shape and Material Bonuses[]

  • +3 Terram (from the brass clasp,) instilled with the initial preparation for enchantment in Winter 1049.
  • +4 Protect Self (from the item's nature as a piece of jewelry,) instilled along with Leap of Seven Leagues in Spring of 1050.