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The Green Book of Lymanter
Type: Summa
Language: Latin
Topic: Herbam
Quality: 17
Level: 25
Author: Lymanter of Diedne

The Green Book of Lymanter was written in 889-891 by the Archmagus Lymanter of Diedne, one of the greatest masters of natural magics in the history of the Order of Hermes. When in the aftermath of the Schism War the writings and knowledge of House Diedne were banned by the Quaesitores, the Green Book was the only work mentioned by name. Possessing, or even attempting to possess this book is a Hermetic high crime and subjects a magus to severe punishment, possibly including a Wizards' March. Nevertheless, a few copies are known to be extant, and the book is highly sought-after by those willing to risk the penalties.

The Green Book is a summa on the Art of Herbam, written in Latin, with a level of 25 and a quality of 17. Most copies are inferior and have a quality significantly lower than this; a few have been transcribed into Ogham in an attempt to conceal them from inquiring Quaesitores.