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The Green Man

Season Autumn Magic Might 40(Herbam)
Size +4 Confidence 1(3)
Soak +12 Reputation +2
Wound Penalties -1(1-10), -3(11-20), -5(21-30), Incapped(31-40), Dead(41+)
Combat Tree Branch: Initiative +5, Attack +7, Defense +1, Damage +10
Intelligence 3 Perception 1
Presence -3 Communication 1
Strength 8 Stamina 3
Dexterity -1 Quickness -4
Virtues and Flaws
Magic Spirit, Ways of the Forest, Voice of the forest Driven, Anchored to the Forest
Personality Traits
Slumbering +4, Reclusive +3, Protective +5,
Area Lore (Wales) 7, Brawl (branch) 3, Diedne Lore 6, Language (Welsh Gaelic) 5, Language (Ogham) 5, Language (English) 3, Magic Lore 5, Magic Meditation 3, Philosophae 2
Qualities and Inferiorities
Greater power (x2), Lesser Power (x2), Ritual power (x2), Focus Power (x4), Gigantic (x3), Improved Soak (x4), Magical Meditation, Personal Power (x2), Susceptible to Deprivation, Reduced Abilities (x3)
Crafter of Plants (variable, Init -4, Herbam) Duplicates any non-ritual Creo Herbam or Rego Herbam spell no greater than 40th level at a cost of 1 Might point per magnitude of the effect. (Focus Power x2)
Manifestation (4 or more, init -4, Herbam) The Green Man can manifest his consciousness among any plant life he touches. (Focus Power x2)
Restore the Defiled Earth (3 points, Init -4, Terram) The Green Man can restore earth that has been destroyed or otherwise defiled. (Ritual Power)
Gift of the Fertile Earth (5 points, Init -4, Terram) The Green Man can turn the soil in a large area into more fertile land. (Ritual Power)
Council of the Trees (5 points, Init -4, Herbam) The Green man can summon all Magical or mobile trees within the forest to himself. (Greater Power)
Eidolon (0 points, -4, Imaginem) The Green Man can take the illusionary form of leaves blowing on the wind which coalesce into a face. (Greater Power)
Awaken the Slumbering Sentinel (5 points, Init -4, Herbam) Raises any tree into a state of consciousness resembling that of a human. (Lesser Power)
Donning the Corporeal Veil (5 points, Init -4, Herbam) The Green Man may take the form of a large tree that is a mixture of all the native trees of Wales. (Lesser Power)
Sight Beyond Sight (1 point, init -4, Imaginem) All five of the Green Man's senses operate at a distance, as far as he can see. (Personal Power x2)

In a heavily forested area, deep in an uninhabited portion of Wales there is a large earthen mound. During the Autumn and Winter months there is a peculiar tree on top of the mound that appears to be a mixture of all the trees native to the Wales region. The tree itself is the slumbering form of a being known as The Green Man. On the first day of spring when the frost starts receding, The Green Man becomes a swirling mass of leaves blowing on the wind. When he so wishes the leaves may swirl together to form a face. During the spring and summer months he travels Wales tending for the forests and planting seeds.

The Green Man is actually an infamous Diedne magus named Biracas of Diedne who went into final twilight during the opening days of the Schism War. He was transformed by the very magic he controlled into a spirit of who now travels the wild forests of Wales protecting the forests and communing with its inhabitants.

The mound on which he now calls home was once his lab, though its entrances have overgrown in the decades since he went into twilight. It is now a virtual treasure trove of forbidden Diedne knowledge.

Harvesting Vis[]

Some bark from this tree can be harvested for herbam vis. During autumn, only 2 pawns may be safely harvested from the tree, but during the winter season 4 pawns may be harvested without problem. If these limits are exceeded the tree awakens from its slumber and is none too happy about its bark being scraped off. From the fist day of Spring until the end of Summer, the tree is not there and there is nothing about the mound that really stands out. The Green Man spends the spring and summer months roaming the uninhabited forests of Wales planting seeds. During the Autumn he has just begun his slumber and it is easier to wake him. In winter he is more deeply asleep.

More Information[]

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