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The Tribunal of Hibernia is the administrative district of the Order of Hermes which encompasses Ireland and its associated isles, including the Isle of Man. It was long a stronghold of House Diedne.

This is one of the few remaining tribunals that has no sourcebook. There is scant mention in any other Ars Magica material. This is a ripe area for contribution from home grown sagas.

Though outdated, the First Edition, out of print, Order of Hermes book contained a few paragraphs on each tribunal. In addition, it had a few paragraphs extra for each of the seven covenants existing in Hibernia. The island is presented as being rich in Faerie and Magical resources, but also with the threat of both Normans and a higher activity of devils than in other areas.

Kings and lords in 1220 Ireland[]

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Waves of Norman invasions have been occurring since the mid 12th century, so some rulers are still Irish Gaelic, while others are Norman.

Cathal Crobhdearg Ua Conchobair: King of Connacht. His Wikipedia article, is a little confusing about a possible prior reign when compared with the predecessor articles, but is clear that he ruled 1201/1202-1224.


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