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House Bjornaer (sometimes House of Bjornaer) is made up of shapeshifters and beast Magi belonging to a Germanic tradition, instead of a Roman or Latinate Tradition. Every Bjornaer magus is taught to take the form of an animal known as the wizard's Heartbeast. They venerate animal ancestors and believe that cultivating understanding of one's animal aspect is more important than learning Hermetic Magic. Members of this house are held in contempt by some magi for their secretive and introspective nature. Some members of House Bjornaer have tried to repair their house's negative image recently, fighting the uncivilized stereotypes that bias other magi.

This House is a Mystery Cult, a gathering of Magi initiated into the same Mysteries. The Outer Mystery opens the Heartbeast and the Inner Mysteries allow the Magi to unlock mythic forms. The Magi are divided into six clans, descending from the House’s six original apprentices.

The Domus Magna of House Bjornaer is Crintera on the Isle of Rugen in the Rhine Tribunal.


Notable Bjornaer Magi[]

  • Birna - Also known as Bjornaer, the Founder of House Bjornaer was poorly accepted in the order because of her barbarian background, but she was respected by some for her wisdom.
  • Gettra - A notorious magi that was wizard marched in the 12th century and was never brought to hermetic justice. She was able to copy the forms of other people flawlessly and effortlessly, and in doing so impersonated many magi around Europe.
  • Salmo Primus of the House directly following the Schism War who took the House down a more traditionally Hermetic path.
  • Urgen Twinslayer - Archmagus and past Primus of the House, holds the Seat of the Bear on the Bjornaer Council. Famous for his strong Wilderist stance and violent reaction to the island of Rugen by Denmark. Eventually stepped down when his violence proved unsuccessful and isolated Bjornaer from other Houses.
  • Falke - Current Prima, who has steered the House down a more moderate path, earning the ire of Wilderists in the House.


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