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House Bonisagus is the most prestigious House in the Order of Hermes, tracing its descent from Bonisagus himself. The House is largely concerned with research and expanding the frontiers of magic, but Trianoma, the co-founder of the House, established her own lineage of politically active Magi within it. These magi sometimes call themselves "followers of Triamona" rather than "followers of Bonisagus". The Domus Magna of Bonisagus is Durenmar, in the Rhine Tribunal, site of the Founding of the Order. Details can be found in Houses of Hermes: True Lineages.


Notable Bonisagus Magi[]

  • Bonisagus the Founder (690 - 836?), the founder of the house and the creator of Parma Magica and Magic Theory.
  • Trianoma, accepted apprenticeship to Bonisagus rather than form her own house. It was Trianoma who brought the founders together to form the Order of Hermes.
  • Notatus, the first Primus of House Bonisagus after Bonisagus himself. He invented Aegis of the Hearth spell which is considered a major breakthrough.
  • Sabrina, third Primus of the house noted as the first to improve upon the Hermetic longevity rituals.
  • Prospero, a Storm Wizard hailing originally from Scotland and trained at Scapa Flow, now dwelling at Le Maison d'Levrier in the Normandy Tribunal.
  • Biluous (791 - 1119), founder of a lineage of Storm Magi with branches in four Houses.
  • Thamus Collis, Primus during the Schism War.


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