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House Ex Miscellanea is the youngest House, founded by the Tytalus Maga Pralix as a rival to the Order of Hermes but incorporated into the Order in 817. It is diverse and eclectic, with many members who are only nominal practitioners of Hermetic magic. Members of the House are often considered hedge wizards, if not outright charlatans, by members of other Houses. Its Domus Magna is Cad Gadu in the Stonehenge Tribunal.


House Ex Miscellanea owes its existence to an enemy of the Order, the dread wizard Damhan-Allaidh. Early in the ninth century, the Order sent Pralix of Tytalus to the British Isles to deal with the threat that Damhan-Allaidh posed to the order. A Warlock whose dark magic was based on blood and sacrifices, Damhan-Allaidh refused to succumb to the Order's restrictive rules. The Order sent with Pralix a respectible amount of support, including half a hundred grogs and three other magi. In their very first battle with Warlock, they were decimated and only Pralix and one other magi escaped alive.

Unwilling to return having failed on her mission, Pralix united with the hedge wizards of the area who had suffered the dark presence of Damhan-Allaidh. It was not easy to unite all of the individualistic magi of the area together, but she offered to teach them the parma magica, which was often inducement enough to get a given wizard to join her cause. From the summer of 814 to the spring of 816, this loose collection of wizards hunted Damhan-Allaidh down and finally destroyed him in the forest surrounding Mount Snowdon in Wales.

Once the battle to defeat Damhan-Allaidh had ended, Pralix found herself as the leader of an army of wizards from across the British Isles, most of whom were less than partial to the rules of the Order of Hermes. Pralix founded a covenant at the site of the final battle versus Damhan-Allaidh, naming it Cad Gadu (the forsaken army) in honor of those who had fallen in the battle. Instead of returning to her House and Order, she declared herself independent, and christened her group the “Order of Miscellany.”

This move insulted many within the Order, especially House Flambeau which was ready to give battle in grand style. In 817 Trianoma, ever the politician, traveled to Cad Gadu and negotiated with Pralix. Finally Pralix won the the admittance of Miscellany as a House with equal rights in the Order of Hermes, a move which immediately doubled the size of the Order at that time.

The 13th House[]

Under Pralix, House Ex Miscellanea was ruled by a Council of Four that represented different facets of the House. Initially the House was populated by battle hardened magi of a martial mindset who had spent several years in constant battle. This angered Houses Tremere and Flambeau who felt challenged by the fledgling House, a rift which has never fully been healed. In 863 Pralix was returning from a visit to Fudarus, her former Domus Magna when she disappeared. Some whisper of a conspiracy involving Tremere and Flambeau, though evidence proving this has never been presented.

Without the guidance of their Founder, the house lost much of its coherence as each magical tradition pursued their own agendas without thinking of the house as a whole. Then, just before the onset of the Schism War, a magus named Basilicus seized the title of Primus and attempted to bring the House back to its former self. The House had become bloated with many more diverse traditions all seeking the protection of the order. Basilicus had seen a darkness on the horizon and was determined that his House would not be consumed by it, so he reinstated the Council of Four and whipped the House back into a semblance of its former form.

However, with the passing of Basilicus the house once again passed into a decline from which it has not yet recovered. Despite its predominantly British roots, the house now encompasses magical traditions from all over Europe. Other magi in the Order still look down on the members of House Ex Miscellanea, whose magic is generally considered weaker than that of more orthodox Hermetic magi. However, if diversity is to be considered a strength, then House Ex Miscellanea is strong indeed.

Notable Magi of House Ex Miscellanea[]

  • Pralix, Founder of House Ex Miscellanea.
  • Basilicus, Primus of the House During the Schism War.
  • Firento, The primus who, in the 10th century, tried to bring the House together and get the members to accept more Hermetic magic and traditions.
  • Immanola, a former Primus.


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