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House Flambeau is direct, organized and aggressive, often participating in wars with other wizards, as well as taking sides in mundane conflicts. Its members typically specialize in magics of fire or destruction. The Domus Magna of Flambeau is Castra Solis, in the Provençal Tribunal.


Notable Flambeau Magi[]


  • Apromor, first Primus of House Flambeau and Flambeau's eldest apprentice.
  • Elaine, Flambeau's second and youngest apprentice. Where, in some cases, Apromor steered away from the direction Flambeau intended for the house, Elaine held more to his original vision.
  • Entisimon, Primus of House during the Schism War.
  • Garus, Primus of House Flambeau.
  • Carmine is the wife of Andru, current primus of House Jerbiton. She is a muse, but, unsurprisingly, helps her husband's house where violence is needed or expected.
  • Vancasitum, a former Primus.

Custom or saga specific[]


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