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Mercere is a House of heralds, heroes, mercenaries and merchants. After the Founder lost his magical powers he assumed a non-magical role valuable to other magi: that of messenger. Now House Mercere is the backbone of the Hermetic Order. They hold the loose association of magi together by facilitating communication, encouraging trade, and aiding their sodales in all parts of Mythic Europe.

Followers of Mercere are more commonly known as Redcaps because of the headgear they wear as a badge of office. Redcaps are permitted to attend Hermetic Tribunals, but by convention they only vote if they have The Gift. House Mercere is a true lineage. Mercere trained two apprentices before he lost his Gift, and thus there is a small Gifted tradition in this House, which is composed almost entirely of blood descendants of Mercere.

Notable Mercere Magi and Redcaps[]

  • Priamitus was Mercere's first Gifted apprentice. Trained first in his father's tradition and then learning the budding Hermetic arts in the middle of his apprenticeship, he preserved Mercurian tradition within the house.
  • Triceres was Mercere's second Gifted apprentice. He insisted upon the name Hermes Triceres upon passing his guantlet, but other magi considered it too ostentatious for one so young. They did respect his aptitude in Muto and affectionately called him Mutant. This attitude drove Triceres to the research that led to the Mutantes tradition within the house.
  • Aldico , Primus during the Schism war.
  • Mihalyi, Successor to Aldico, and previous Primus.
  • Insatella , Current Prima.


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