House Tremere
Mars incised with a square, symbol of House Tremere
Founder: Tremere
Current Prima: Poena
Domus Magna: Coeris
Population: 92
Type: True Lineage

The last of the founding Houses of the Order of Hermes, members of House Tremere are pragmatic magi who believe that conflict is inevitable. Though they do not look to start turmoil, by nature they assume the world is a chaotic and dangerous place. They thus look to control events and are constantly preparing for inevitable future battles. They cultivate influence and hoard resources for whatever crisis lay on the horizon. The structure of their house is strictly hierarchical, with carefully designed codes of subordination and dominance. While their rigid structure makes them very powerful as a house, their focus on intense competition makes them individually powerful as well. They have tried to dominate the entire Order of Hermes at least once, and are regarded as clannish and untrustworthy by the other Houses.


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