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House Verditius is a society of artificers, the finest in the Order of Hermes, although they are less capable with Formulaic Magic than other Magi. They are an essential component of the magical economy of the Order of Hermes; their enchanted items are reknowned and briskly traded, even occasionally falling into the hands of mundanes. The Domus Magna of Verditius is Verdi, in the Roman Tribunal, though that is in dispute in 1220.

Notable Magi of House Verditius[]

  • Verditius, the founder of House Verditius.
  • Stouritus, the Primus of House Verditius in 1220.
  • Gelon, Verditius’s first apprentice and the first Primus of the House.
  • Himinis the Mad, 11th century magus who developed his own Inner Mystery, the making of cursed items.

Magi of House Verditius[]


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