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The Iberian Tribunal is that division of the Order of Hermes corresponding to the Iberian Peninsula. The mundane kingdoms are, and will be for some time, involved in fighting between Christian and Muslim in the Reconquista. Magi are not immune to this, and involvement in these conflicts is of major concern to the tribunal and its Peripheral Code.

Source books and references[]

The Third Edition Tribunals of Heremes: Iberia published by White Wolf is the only work dealing with Iberia directly. Certain sections are clearly contradicted in Fifth Edition materials. A common criticism is that there is too much infernalism and devils. Given it is the only source book, however, most Hermetic information in this article comes from it.

Notable Covenants[]

  • The Covenant of Barcelona is comprised entirely of House Jerbiton magi and is located on the site of a Mercurian temple under an inn run by the covenant.
  • Duresca, the covenant associated with the scrolls of the same name, was founded by other magi, but became the home covenant for the quaesatoris of the tribunal after that (in)famous incident.
  • Estancia-es-Karida is a mixed covenant in Granada that includes non-Hermetic members of the Order and opposes the Reconquista.
  • Jaferiya is presented as a covenant of Flambeau magi who are also diabolists. See the Shadow Flambeau section below.

Shadow Flambeau[]

The tribunal book includes events that occur after the Third Edition start date for storytellers and troupes to directly involve their characters in to use as a backdrop. It is essentially a ham-fisted story of the discovery that an entire covenant of Flambeau are diabolists and the subsequent conflict between them and the rest of the tribunal. Most of these events are scheduled to take place before the Fifth Edition start date of 1220, but a troupe can move them back, start in res media, or just keep the history and start towards the end of the events, treating them as history.


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