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The Levant Tribunal consists of five covenants.

St. Jean D'Acre (5) - a Winter/Spring covenant in a hotel in the port city of Acre. Octavius of Tremere, Aeskil of Bonisagus, Janny of Guernicus, Cullidus of Bjornaer, Ysabelle of Criamon.

Argentum Mons (5) - an Autumn covenant in a fortress in the mountains north west of Damascus. Califrax of Jerbiton (Praeco of the tribunal since the death of Nautilus), Salome of Jerbiton, Lucas of Jerbiton, Vortigern of Ex-Miscellanea, Anselm of Verditus, Thabit ibn Quarra of Merinita

Specus Poeta (4) - A Summer covenant of desert mystics and ascetic Wizards in a cave in the mountains of south eastern Turkey. Scilla of Criamon, Mahmud of Criamon, Dominicus of Ex-Miscellanea, Buthayna of Ex-Miscellanea.

Biblicus Novae (3) -A small Summer covenant inhabiting a ruin in Alexandria in Egypt. Inscriptus of Bonisagus, Elloise of Guernicus, Mahabro of Ex-Miscellanea

Domus Aphrodite (5) - an Autumn covenant inhabiting a small island off the coast of Cyprus. Solomon Sapienses of Tremere, Callisto of Jerbiton, Maximianus of Flambeau, Yehud of Mercere, Juno of Tytalus.

22 magi in the tribunal. Praeco is Califrax of Jerbiton. The last tribunal meeting was held at St. Jean D'Acre in 1177. The next will be at Argentum Mons in 1184. The next Grand Tribunal at Durenmar is in 1195.