A local legend tells of a clan of skinchangers that have interbred both with normal humans and with animals of varying sort. The descendants of these skinchangers have all but completely abandoned their humanity and live as wild beasts in the wilderness, far from human civilization, a bizarre commingling of beasts and men, with many of the best (and worst) features of each. Most of these wretches have Magic Might scores of 10 or higher, and though they can no longer alter their shapes at will, they may have magical abilities appropriate to the types of creatures their ancestors were. If they can be killed, the hearts of these creatures contain three pawns of Muto vis.

They are quite cunning, however, and very wary of humans. They will not fall prey to traps, snares or pits, as the ways of mortal hunters are well-known to them. They also will use their entire pack to overcome adversaries which confront them.

Some of the original skinchangers, progenitors of the line, may remain alive. If so, they will be just as intelligent as normal humans, and are far more powerful than their debased offspring. Certainly, they will not be well-disposed toward those who would hunt their descendants and slaughter them for their organs.