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Luco of Mercere
Born: 10 July, 1190
Died: ,
House: Mercere
Nationality: Italian
Current or last covenant: Aedis Cinerium
Parens: Insatella of Mercere
Apprenticeship: 1198 - 1213
Gauntlet: 1213
Filiae vel Fili: none or unknown
Member of: nothing of note

Luco of Mercere is a Magi of House Mercere who joined the Covenant of Aedis Cinerium in 1215. Previously a provisional member of the Covenant of Harco, the Covenant at which he apprenticed under Insatella of Mercere, Luco left to pursue other opportunities with the founding of Aedis Cinerium.

Luco has a magnetic personality and is instantly likable. He has traveled much throughout the Roman Tribunal in his short time as a magus and enjoys fraternizing with his redcap brethren.

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