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One of the 15 Hermetic Arts, Mentem magic is the form of minds, thoughts, and spirits. This art comes as close to affecting souls as magic can. Through Mentem magic, magi manipulate what they call the body of the soul: memories, thoughts, and emotions. They can also affect the “bodies” of non corporeal beings, such as ghosts, as these only exist in the physical world as direct manifestations of the being's will. The minds of animals, or those creatures with cunning instead of intelligence, are not affected by Mentem magic, instead being susceptible to Animal magic.

Botches and experimental quirks[]

List any interesting effects that could be used for botches or results on the experiments chart in the laboratory section.

Unable to recognize on one sense alone. Author Bernard Cornwell inflicted a condition on one of his characters whose skull was hit so hard, a portion of the brain showed. The character survived the injury, but could not recognize anyone on sight alone. Close friends would approach and the character would view them with confusion and apprehension. When he heard the person's voice, the character then recognized them for who they were. Cornwell noted that this was a real condition, the brain being a very unusual thing. This effect, or something similar, is far more subtle and interesting than blinding someone. Good for imaginem and mentem botches or spell modifications.

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