Praetorius, properly Praetorius filius Aemillianus of House Verditius, is a magus of the Hibernian Tribunal, dwelling at the covenant of Turris Secretae. He was trained by his master in the Transylvanian Tribunal in an unorthodox Verditius tradition. He is primarily interested in the creation of life and pseudo-life via Hermetic means, is skilled in the art of Creo and a is master of Corpus. In his later years Praetorius enjoyed writing books on magical subjects, and learned to his surprise that he was fairly good at it, although his works (especially on the subject of Corpus) tend to be fairly grisly.

Praetorius has a reputation as a necromancer and is very skilled at that family of practices, but he bristles at the name, seeing himself as a delver into one of the uttermost secrets of the cosmos, whereas "necromancers' are glorified grave-robbers and hedge magicians.

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