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Born: Unknown
Died: Uncertain. Disappeared 863.
House: House Tytalus, then the head of the Order Ex Miscellanea and then House Ex Miscellanea
Current or last covenant:
Parens: Tytalus
Apprenticeship: {{{apprentice_start}}} - {{{apprentice_end}}}
Gauntlet: {{{gauntlet}}}
Filiae vel Fili: none or unknown
Member of: nothing of note

Pralix was a senior filia of Tytalus the Founder and would go on to become the Founder of House Ex Miscellanea.

War with Damhan-Allaidh[]

In the ninth century Pralix was charged with hunting down and destroying the warlock called Damhan-Allaidh, who had recruited an army of rune-wizards and other monstrocities. In the year 814, Pralix led a force conisisting of several magi and half a hundred grogs to confront the dangerous scottish wizard. Their forces were ambushed along the shores of Loch Oadh by Damhan-Allaidh and the giants he controlled. Pralix's forces were routed and Pralix herself and Ignes Festi of House Flambeau were the only ones who escaped to survive the carnage.

Pralix now found herself facing an implaccable foe far away from any support structure with only one other Hermetic Magus with her. She had seen first hand the danger that Damhan-Allaidh posed to the Order of Hermes and was intent to stop him. Pralix resorted to recruiting magi from the local scots and picts, who had long suffered from Damhan-Allaidh's presence in the region.

Throughout the year 815, Pralix fought many battles against Damhan-Allaidh and was still unable to defeat the warlock. Late in that year, Pralix and her allies were finally able to defeat Damhan-Allaidh, although Ignes Festi did not survive the battle. Damhan-Allaidh escaped to the south and after months of investigation Pralix found him hiding in the forest surrounding the mountain of Snowdon in Wales. Pralix and her army moved south, picking up magicians and warriors as it went until finally in March Pralix faced Damhan-Allaidh for the last time. The battle is known the Battle of the Great Light for the magic unleashed there illuminated the night sky for miles around. When the smoke settled Damhan-Allaidh lay dead at the feet of Pralix.

The 13th House[]

Once the battle to defeat Damhan-Allaidh had ended, Pralix found herself as the leader of an army of wizards from across the British Isles, most of whom were less than partial to the rigid Order of Hermes. Instead of returning to her House and Order, she declared herself independent, and christened her group the “Order of Miscellany.” This move insulted many within the Order, especially House Flambeau which was ready to give battle in grand style. In the end Trianoma, ever the politician, traveled to Wales and negotiated with Pralix. Finally Pralix won the the admittance of Miscellany as a House with equal rights in the Order of Hermes.

Pralix disappeared in the year 863 while returning from a visit to her former Domus Magna, and rumors persist that House Tremere or Flambeau were guilty of some foul play.

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