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The Art of Rego allows a magus to regulate matter or compel the actions of living things. Rego magic can change the state of a thing to some other state that the individual thing can naturally have. Rego magic can make a tree blossom out of season, put a person to sleep, lift a rock into the air, or weave thread into a tunic.

Limits of Rego Magic[]

Rego magic cannot make something do something it would not naturally be able to do, or be made to do by another outside force. For example, Rego magic cannot turn a brown horse into a black horse, because the horse would not naturally be able to do that on its own (that would fall into the scope of Muto). Similarly, although Rego magic can make a tree bear fruit out of season, that fruit would not contain seeds. The seeds would be separate substances and in to create them as well would be a Creo requisite. In this last case, time and a change in the environment would lead the tree to bear the fruit, and thus the action is a natural one, even if brought about unnaturally by magic.

Since the changes of Rego are natural, their effects usually persist, although they may naturally change once the magic ends. For example, a block of stone moved ten paces to the left will remain there once the magic ends - unless it is not supported, and then it will fall until it reaches the ground.

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