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Rhine Tribunal
Localization (as of 1220): German Kingdom
Current and past covenants: Durenmar (767-present), Fenistal(773-802), Crintera(773-present), Arae Flaviae (780-885), Rethra (780-1202), Irencillia (792-present), Sirmium (822-930), Schwarzburg (857-885), Rudiaria (892-969), Oakdell (931-1008), Waldherz (990-1010?), Grand Silesia (993-1009), Fengheld (1039-present), Dankmar (1052-present), Roznov (1067-present), Treverorum (1095-1172), Rheinstein (1123-1200), Oculus Septentrionalis (1144-present), Triamore (1151-present), Waddenzee (1165-present), Heorot (1215-present)
Notable magi:
Current sourcebook:
Guardians of the Forest: The Rhine Tribunal

The Rhine Tribunal is the administrative district of the Order of Hermes which encompasses the German Kingdom and associated territories. The Rhine Tribunal is the birthplace of the Order; it was here that Bonisagus and Trianoma gathered to them the Founders, and from there that many of them spread out again. It remains a center of Hermetic activity and politics.


The Rhine Tribunal corresponds primarily to the lands of the Holy Roman Empire north of the Alps, centered upon the Rhine river valley. It is bordered on the north by the Jutland peninsula, which is nomially the territory of the Novgorod Tribunal, although the Order is almost nonexistant there. The southern border is held to be the Danube, and the western the mouth of the Schelde, the Ardennes, and the Argonne — beyond lies Flanders and France, territory of the Normandy Tribunal.

The eastern border has been the subject of much contention, but is generally held to be the river Oder; Poland lies within Novgorod.

Covenants of the Rhine Tribunal[]



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