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Rulings of the Grand Tribunal of 1030
Type: Tractatus
Language: Latin
Topic: Code of Hermes
Quality: 8
Level: N/A
Author: Unknown

Rulings of the Grand Tribunal of 1030 is a treatise on the events of the Grand Tribunal of that year, with a particular emphasis on legal proceedings and decisions. It is one of a series written by members of House Guernicus in the years following each Grand Tribunal and distributed widely throughout the Order, to Quaesitores and to those with an interest in Hermetic Law. Such texts are usually unattributed, often written by relatively junior Quaesitores. There has been an edition for each Grand Tribunal since that of 799. Typically, they make for very dry reading.

This particular volume is a tractatus on Code of Hermes, with a quality of 8.