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Twenty fathoms beneath the waves lies the wreck of an old slave galley. This vessel was sunk in heavy seas and dashed to pieces upon a nearby reef. Approximately twenty skeletons remain here, still chained to the oars of this ship of woe. The galley is ancient in design, but that it has endured so long in so pristine a condition is noteworthy in itself.

The chains holding the skeletons are of interest, however, as each cubit of chain contains a pawn of Rego vis. There are about twenty cubits of chain remaining in good condition. The remainder is useless, either as vis or chain.

If the skeletons are released from their shackles, however, they will animate by the power of their own righteous hate and attack anyone nearby. They are harmless while bound, but if released beneath the sea, they could provide a curious challenge for those seeking to harvest the vis within the chains. The skeletons have no weapons, but they may try to use their chains, the rotted oars, or perhaps just their bony fists to wreak vengeance on their "rescuers". Each skeleton has a Magic Might of 10, but they do not themselves contain any vis.