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Talisman of Bellepheron (Prometheus)

This staff made by Bellepheron himself and consists of 6 switches of wood, 1Holly, 1 Oak, 2 Linden, and 2 Hornbeam, with each strand/switch being the diameter of a thumb. These lengths of wood are a 6 strand round braid to together by having cast a spell to make the length as limp as rope. With the top 12 inches of the staff an orb of basalt and a sphere of glass are on the inside of the braid. Both objects are 2 inches in diameter with the basalt being polished to an almost reflective sheen. The braids are bound at the top, bottom and just below the spheres by bands of unadorned silver.


An Example of a 6 strand round braid.
Construction: over 4, under 1, over This is a variation on the basic form of round braid

Each tree was selected for unusual circumstances for the possible benefit of extra benefits. The oak was struck by lighting. The Linden tree is rumored to be a maiden who fell in love with a faerie and was caught by her betrothed and rather than face humiliation her Faerie love turned her into a tree. The Holly was chosen as a personal joke to Bellepheron who in choosing the King of Summer, the oak, had to include the King of Winter, the holly as a reminder of his house, Tytalus, and their motto of conflict. The hornbeam tree used was once used by Vikings who raided a village and hung most of the populous from the trees as a warning to others of what resistance would mean to others who resisted them.

Though the staff has very few adornments, its creation itself makes it unique.With all his knowledge of the order, Bellepheron fairly certain he is the first Magi to braid several woods together for a talisman. Due to the fact that a simple spell can be cast to allow the staff’s braid to be loosened, various small trinkets and items can be stored inside the braid of the staff. These include Arcane Connections such as: the feather of a griffon, the spoor of his familiar, the claw of a dragon, and two rocks to magical sites, at this time. Other trinkets can and will be added later as needed.


Wand/Staff repel things 2

Wand/Staff project bolt or other missile 3

Wand/Staff control things at a distance 4

Wand/Staff destroy things at a distance 4

Wood (dead) living wood, bonus to affect 3

Wood (dead) dead wood, bonus to affect 4

Holly inflict pain 2

Holly inflict wounds 2

Hornbeam strength 6

Hornbeam vim on hostile magic 6

Hornbeam, Tree effects expressly causing death 4

Linden good fortune 1

Linden protection against weapons 2

Linden, Tree affect emotions 2

Oak protection from storms 7

Oak protection from storms 7

Oak, Tree struck by lightning auram 2

Silver terram 1

Silver wisdom 1

Silver intellego 2

Silver protect spirits 3

Silver lycanthropes in general 5

Silver harm lycanthropes 10

Basalt ignem 3

Basalt perdo 3

Glass, clear invisibility 4

Glass, clear seeing through something 5

Braid/Knots  ????