Each November, stars fall from the sky beyond a nearby mountain range. The stones which can easily be found are typically about the size of a large man’s fist, and contain an alloy of iron and unknown materials from beyond the lunar sphere. The stones have several virtues, but the most readily obvious is that they contain a strange, unique form of Rego vis, the nature of which is not readily ascertainable. They might also possess a Material bonus toward the forging of enchanted weapons, at the Storyguide’s discretion, or even innate magical powers. Some of the stones might also have some of the properties of lodestone.

Investigation of this vis might lead to advancements in Hermetic Theory. Since it comes (apparently) from beyond the lunar sphere, the realm of God alone, however, it is tainted with a Divine Aura. It may be this which makes it difficult to plumb its mysteries. It might also mean that any qualities it has fall outside normal Hermetic limits. When worked by a blacksmith, the star iron makes a sound like the ringing of a heavenly chime; after it has been forged, whatever is made of it gleams with a cold, dark brilliance, like the vault of the clear night sky.