A rose bush grows within the covenant’s walls. The perfume of its flowers repels insects and other pests within a wide area. Combined with improvements to the covenant grounds, this may cause an increase in the entire covenant’s standard of living. The pollen can be collected as Rego vis each Summer.

The petals of the roses can be crushed and combined with alcohol, then repeatedly distilled to produce a lustrous red ink particularly suited to illumination. This ink can be stored indefinitely. At the Storyguide’s discretion the ink may grant a Material bonus for use in appropriate enchantments, or as a component for enhancing the quality of a written work.

A particular, aggressive variety of bee will be drawn to collect pollen from the roses, and seems immune to the repellant effects of the flowers. They may even nest nearby, which could make the harvesting of the vis or the flowers problematic. However, the honey produced by the bees from the pollen might contains Muto vis and can be gathered with even greater trouble. A dedicated person (by using the Profession: Beekeeper Ability,) could set up an apiary for the bees, making it much more convenient to gather the honey. What sort of mead could be brewed from this virtuous honey is left to the discretion of the Storyguide.